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Artifacts are personal objects we use to announce our identities and personalize our environment. While environmental factors are biotic or abiotic that influence and effect living organism. (…) My bedroom is the most valued of all the rooms in my house: it is deliberate but precisely decorated and lightly furnished. It has dark brown wood floors, very spacious and usually dimly lit, but can be adjusted depending on what I am doing. It features a pure white contemporary queen size platform bed and dressed in one hundred percent solid yellow Egyptian cotton bed sheets with matching pillow cases and window drapes. At the foot of the bed, I have a four by four plush yellow rug with tones of red and orange which blends in
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Other items are an inclusion of family members and friends and speaks of how much I love and appreciation them. I also strongly believe it is essential to me to have a nice comfortable area I can retreat to for relaxation and reflect on my daily livelihood and enjoy total privacy. Also shows I am a healthy person who enjoys a healthy environment which contributes greatly to restoration, of my overall health.
4 I think most people would feel homely and comfortable to be in a clean and freshly scented room. Some may get ideas of how to reduce clutter in their own spaces. For example, I had an experience where a colleague of mine came over to my house: she was so ecstatic when she saw my room and she asked if I could help her do a makeover and personalize her own room: without spending too much money on quality and valuable items and the transformation was amazing. However, some people might feel envious, jealous, intimidated even out of place, and because they feel it is impossible to create anything so unique. They may also feel uncomfortable and fearful of messing up or breaking something and not knowing how I would
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In conclusion, I would most likely throw a tantrum and probably become miserable for as long as my personal items are removed from my room. Ninety percent of the collection in my room have sentimental values and very personal to me. For example, I would be devastated if the painting which was given to me by my late dad and my son's pictures which I treasure the most were removed from my room. Also, I would be very upset if my therapeutic bed which was a special order from Montreal: to support my back pain caused by the hit and run motor accident were to be removed. Even though my immediate instinct would be to try and recreate the memories, it would not give me that warmth and peace once experienced, the room would feel very empty, valueless and gloomy without those special
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