Personal Aspects Of A Personal Statement Of Education

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Agustin Navarro Judith Benavidez Counseling 107 5 December 2017 Personal Statement I come from a Latino background, as both of my parents came to the United States with hopes of having a better life, which was to achieve the “American Dream”and start a family and have me their son, attend school along with my two other siblings and have ourselves a career. So we won't struggle with our life the way they did growing up. My father went to school here in the U.S up until his junior year when he found himself a job and chose to discontinue attending school. My mom didn't attend school like my father did, she immediately began working. I came into play a year after my parents had gotten married. I was raised to be the best person I can become and have myself a successful career ahead of me.Having strict parents played a huge role on how I performed in school if they received bad comments of me la chancla y el cinturon; their sandal and belt would be waiting for me.When it came to school, as a kid in elementary I was always about getting good grades, trying to become the smartest student in class. I would constantly receive positive comments on how good my math skills were and many times receiving the highest test scores in my class.The annual assembly for results of how well one did on their CST;“California Standards Test”, I was awarded with two awards for both the english and math portions of the test.I was presented with the awards throughout all my years in elementary.
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