Personal Assessment Of The School Year

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1. Write a letter to parents explaining at least 4 ways (2 informal and 2 formal) of how you will assess your students. Justify your response. Parents, I would like to inform you that during the school year I will be implementing four different types of assessments on your children. These assessments will be in place to find out how they are performing in reading. There will be two informal and two more formal assessments that I will be doing throughout the year. One of the informal ways that I will assess your child will be by something called a running record. The running record is performed while in their reading groups. I will simply write down any mistakes or corrections that your child makes as they read. The second informal…show more content…
The second formal way that your child will be assessed is through standardized testing. This test will be given towards the end of the school year. “Standardized reading tests are machine-scored instruments that sample reading performance during a single administration” (Vacca, J., Vacca, R., Gove, Burkey, Lenhart, & McKeon, 2015, p. 149). This will be in a quieter and more controlled atmosphere that the whole class will participate in at the same time. All of these processes will help you and me to see how your child is reading, if they are on the appropriate level, and even how much they have progressed through the year. I look forward to a very exciting year with you and your child. If you have any questions about any of the information that I have shared with you please do not hesitate to email, call, or even set up a conference to discuss. 2. A student in your class hesitates between words while she reads. You notice that she looks around the page while she hesitates. Discuss your intervention plans in order to develop reading fluency. A student in my class is hesitating between words while she reads. I have noticed that she looks around the page while she hesitates. The first thing I would do would be to start with the echo reading method, where I will read and she will repeat what I say. “This strategy allows the teacher to provide learner’s with a great deal of support” (Vacca, J., Vacca, R., Gove, Burkey,
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