Personal Assignment : My Personal Experience

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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” - Siddhārtha Gautama. As suggested by this quote, I learned to move on from all things that happened in the past whether it being good or bad. All from the past was no longer important nor relevant, what matters is only the present and what you can make of it. Because of this I was able to grow as a person and become overall better academically. I was able to do quite well in English, which was unusual for me since English I would say is my worst subject. Although what kept me from writing to my full potential was slacking and procrastinating my assignments. However, I was able to fix some of my habits from September which today are better.…show more content…
Even though everyone tells you they are College level courses, I assumed they were not going to be that difficult. I went on to take AP Biology, and AP US History, and AP English Language. Although they were without a doubt challenging courses, I had a lot of fun in them. All my teachers made them very fun while knowledgeable at the same time. My most challenging course I took was AP Biology. The workload was a lot and it was all up to me to figure out a schedule. Throughout the year, we were given a lot of time to complete our assignments and usually were not due until a month later. However, being a naive student I thought the work was not going to be hard. Admittedly, it was not very challenging work. At times it was difficult to understand but it was not very hard work. It was a lot of work; it was a multitude of papers, more than a normal class would give. Unfortunately, I ended up doing some of these papers last minute, a day or two before they were due. However, I discovered that I was actually able to work very efficiently at finishing these last minute assignments. For the most part I was able to excel in my homework assignments and finish a majority of them last minute, and actually earn an A on the packet and at times extra credit for turning it in on time. Although I was able to perform well under pressure, it is not something I enjoy doing as it is nerve wracking thinking about whether I will able to
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