Personal Awareness : My First Mission Trip Essay

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Wolf Winegard
Professor Esteban Felix
Theology 1503
October 12, 2016
Personal Awareness In June of 2015 I went to Sucùa, Ecuador, on my first mission trip. About 5 months before the trip I went to a discipleship weekend with my youth group, and during one of the services a promotional video was played for a mission trip that Alabama Youth ministries was taking that summer. While I was watching the promo I felt the Spirit of God tell me to go on that trip. It was the first time I had actually felt the spirit of God move through me. I applied for the trip, and I was accepted. I did not go on that trip expecting anything. Even when we landed in Ecuador I did not know what I was there for. I did not go to see God move, but He had something else in mind. My goal in this paper is to help the reader to understand how I was called to missions, how God has changed my life, and how God will prepare me for the rest of my journey. After that trip to Ecuador my entire life changed for the better. I still did not know what my Divine Design was when I got back to the states, but I knew it was going to be for the glory of God. The next January while at the same discipleship weekend that I was called to go on the trip, God called me into the mission field full-time. God called me to go out into the world to find lost and broken people and show them the love of Jesus that I have been shown. I felt the call of Mark 16:15, the Great Commission, on my life that night. I continued to pray
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