Personal Background Information : My Childhood

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rief Personal Background Information: I was born in California and moved to Colorado right after I was born to live with my mother, father and sister. During my childhood things were pretty rough. We did not have much money and my mother was an alcoholic. My father was constantly working one-hundred plus hours a week to keep food on our table and a roof over his family’s head. Although, things were rough we managed to make it okay and when I was 15, we moved back to California to start fresh. The move was quite difficult on me, considering I had just begun high school and with one year behind me, I was forced to move away from everything I knew and begin to make new friends as a teenager. All of us being teenagers at one time, I am sure…show more content…
I worked at the accounting firm for the next ten years and gained a ton of experience. However, during the recession, I was laid off and forced to head a new direction in my future. My first thought was… job hunt! “I have so much experience.” I said to myself. Unfortunately, I had no college and no degree of any kind. Most employers wanted to pay me a wage I could be making working fast food at a local eatery. My husband will always be my saving grace and has created an environment where I am able to be in school today working on a degree that has always been a passion of mine. I am working towards my child and adolescent studies degree with a credential in elementary teaching. Although, my childhood might have started out rough, I believe that I am headed somewhere great. And that is just a little bit about me. Experiences with Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity: Part 1: My first personal experiences with someone different from me would have to be at home. My immediate family is all white but several of my family members such as cousins, aunts and uncles have married women and/or men of color. The first time I was introduced to a person that was different than me I believe I was about 5. My uncle married an African American woman around that time and she brought with her a daughter. The impact of this event was extremely positive in nature. I did not feel any negativity or indifference towards her because she
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