Personal Behavior

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Personal System Behavior Organizational Behavior Course • Personal System Behavior I am writing this paper to outline my personal system view as they relate to work, school, family and the world. I will also include some strategies that I intend on using to reach my goals by my competencies. In addition, as your assignment, I will include my beliefs about the world and how my values and others are organized into my self-concept. My hope is that after reading this paper you will have a fairly good understanding of what my personal system are and how I hope to deal with it. Goals Goals in my life are very important. Our goals in life make us what we are. They distinguish us from the people around us. Personal goals have a…show more content…
2. Strategic focus At this point, I am able to implement and develop my strategies to realize my personal goals and prioritize urgent and important tasks in relation to pursue my goals and objectives. Although sometimes I have difficulties to balance short-term needs of my surroundings and me with the achievement of long-term goals and strategies. 3. Building self-culture I always try to create a situation in which people feel respected and valued. In addition, I always encourage them to express the differed perspective, clear and respectful communication. engagement. 4. Creativity and innovation I think this is my strongest competency. I often make improvements to existing processes or practices in my office. For several times, I had joined the value improvement and innovation competition in my company. In example, in early 2009 we won InnovAstra competition that held by our holding company, PT Astra International. We won for the Quality Control Project category for our improvements and innovation at forestry sector. And I was the leader for this project. Currently, I am in the middle of the Business Performance Improvement competition in Astra for next year improvement achievement. However, I have a problem to advocates, when appropriate, a consultative and inclusive approach to develop a collective sense of ownership and 5. Problem solving
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