Personal Behavioral Therapy Case Study

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My name is Anne and I am a 32-year old mother of two and qualified nutritionist. Helping my patients reach or maintain a healthy weight and planning nutritional regimens to suit my clients’ needs, is my absolute passion in life, apart from being a mom and keen yoga practitioner. When my clients see me, I imagine they would never dream that I had struggled with my weight and food intake, but sometimes, I share my personal story and they are surprised to discover that sometimes, those who seem most confident and ‘together’ are actually very vulnerable people who have had to overcome huge challenges. This is my personal story and my message to anyone suffering an eating disorder is this: you can beat it!
I can’t recall a time in my childhood when family and schoolmates didn’t refer to me as ‘chubby’. Before the age of around 12, I was always comfortable in my own skin, though, and I was the first one who would make jokes about my extra human ‘strength’ and my ability to ‘crush all opponents’, something that would always make my parents and older sister laugh. As I entered my teen
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I met my amazing therapist, Megan, who taught me so much about the relationship between my thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Change small behaviors, she said, and the way you feel and think about an issue, can change dramatically – which it did! I also discovered yoga for the first time, a practice I continue to rely on daily to this day. Yoga teaches me to be calm, remain in the present moment and not less negative and self-destructive thoughts get in my way. My rehabilitation stay also lit a little spark – my interest in nutrition grew and I vowed to help people with problems like mine, make it in the future – today, every day is a miracle, as I accompany patients on what is often a tougher road to recovery than mine
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