Personal Beliefs About Children And Learning

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My personal beliefs about children and learning include; having the children feel safe and welcome, because safety is the number one rule in a child care center. Children should learn the basic things of life. Some of those include, reading and writing, science and math, art and games. Children need a good sense of education to teach them the basic things they need.
The purposes of early childhood education are; teaching the kids what they need to know in order to go kindergarten. Giving them a voice, and letting them be heard with what they want to say. By letting them know they have a voice, lets them feel a sense of comfort and safety. Motivating and encouraging them to do what is right. Having a yes I can attitude about wanting to do things.
I believe that children learn best when they are taught under certain conditions and in certain ways. Those include; How teachers teach for example; if the teacher does not ask you questions, and never answers the questions it can cause the children to have difficulties learning. If the teacher does ask questions, and interacts with the children it makes learning a lot easier. the environment of the classroom, and how children interact with others. A positive classroom with positive attitudes means that the children will learn more, and they will learn in a healthy environment. The way they interact with others also contributes to this because they will be doing this for the rest of their lives.
The curriculum of any classroom
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