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(THE HEADER) TO: Dr. Kamal Ghose, Marketing 201 Human resource manager FROM: Fatimah Zahra Tengku, Marketing 201 Student DATE: 19 March 2009 SUBJECT: Fatimah’s personal brand statement (THE OPENING) The impact of current recession towards potential graduating student is no doubt will be another reason that amplifies the need for a properly branded university graduate. This memo will have the basic idea of the branding definition, the vital personal information of the writer, and the analysis that will ultimately lead the point that will have Fatimah’s suggested development for her to be standing out in the current highly competitive employment reality. Brand has always been associated with marketing. Thus brand can…show more content…
Just like any branding process, the basic understanding of the product is extremely important, as this will allow the differentiation of that product with any potential competitor. Similarly, in term of individual human, the talent, interest, goals, experience and resource can be the parameters for understanding the product itself. Hence, the next section will explore the parameters in the form of bullet points. (THE DISCUSSION) Details the key points and recommendations Support the ideas that given (Personally relevant) • Talent “Brands are also effectively devices for symbolically expressing something to us.” Personally, I am good in web designing as well as creating web flash. I have completed a diploma in business Information system from the Multimedia University of Malaysia. Basically, I have strong it knowledge as well as crucial computer skills. As a result from properly maintaining my diploma skills, I have managed to apply my knowledge into a number of corporate websites while at the same time, polishing my skills through the Internet community. Hence even, a single as individual, the best thing to In addition, I also believe that I am good in Frisbee. It was clear in my personal brand that show I am active, strong and balance in my life. However, I would like to be able to do well in marketing. It is helpful to market my website not only external market but also those that define the boundaries
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