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Personal Branding Plan Paper MKT/421 7/20/15 Personal Brand Plan I am an IT Professional with over 8 years of experience working with hardware, software and network engineering. Throughout my career I have held various positions including several leadership roles. The IT industry is a very technical field where individual contributors are critical to the success of the organization. With the extensive leadership training and experience I have gained, has allowed me to stand apart from my peers and take a more active role in the organization and its strategy. I continuously strive for my own personal development, including going back to school as an adult to achieve my bachelor’s degree. I understand the importance of…show more content…
I would focus on making my resume concise and highlight accomplishments in my current and previous roles that relate to the skills listed on the job posting. Ensuring that my resume would sell what I have to offer to the company. I would then look to apply via the appropriate channel. If I could apply in person I would but with most companies these three now require candidates to apply via their online method. Often these companies follow similar hiring practices and all three utilize the social media platform LinkedIn to search for potential candidates. I would look to ensure that my social media accounts are up to date and highlight the skills I have acquired. I would also look to use this platform to identify the recruiter or hiring manager for this position. The hardest part about finding a new position is getting the initial interview and being aggressive in making personal contact with the hiring team is one way to gain an advantage in this area. Once my resume is completed and I have been able to set up an interview I would look to research the company to ensure that I am well educated about general facts and information on the company. This is very important for preparing the interview process and what may be asked. Often these companies focus on behavioral interviews where they are looking for a candidate to take their prior experience and provide an example of what
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