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Personal Branding of Lisa Mazurek Introduction The following will bring a glimpse into my personal branding journey. It is more information than the average student, but what is age today in respects to a college student? This will include an indirect and direct view in how the brands were introduced, in my lifetime and how it carried into a new generation. Our textbook provided a viewpoint in regards to when one has reached “Resonance” by stating; “When you achieve Resonance your external message connects with internal values and feelings. It connects to consumer’s emotional sweet spot. Tony Schwartz commented, “Resonance takes place when the stimuli out into our communication evoke meaning in a listener or viewer…the meaning of our…show more content…
2. Now: This product has many uses and is not just for the tiny bottoms of babies. Being a farmer’s wife, my husband can spend many hours bouncing in the seat of a tractor. He uses this product in order to prevent soreness and redness from occurring while in the tractor. This is a product that will be found in my house as it has many purposes for me and my family. Age 5-10 - Cap’n Crunch Cereal 1. Then: As a kid, I loved this cereal as much as my sisters did. I am the oldest of four girls and when our mother went grocery shopping, you could count on at least two of us grabbing a box and putting it into the grocery cart. 2. Now: I still love this product, but much less of it, too much sugar; however, I will enjoy it once in a blue moon for great tasty memories. This is a great example of hitting the “sweet spot”. Ages 5-10 - Holly Hobby Lunch Box, produced by American Greeting Corporation 1. Then: To a 10-year-old, this lunch box rocked! I was in school and it was the “in thing” to carry your lunch to school. Most of my friends had a metal type of lunch box that contained their favorite cartoon character on the outside with a matching thermos for the inside. 2. Now: A metal lunch box now only brings back great memories and good laughs with friends. I was lucky enough to have a couple while growing up, before I was given the brown paper bag to carry lunch. That is when it was no longer cool to

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