Personal Branding

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Personal Branding
Why people agreed to pay Rs.5 for attending Narendra Modi’s Rally? Why do we have people who build temples in name of Rajnikant and Amitabh Bachhan and not for any other equally successful movie star? Is it only because of the talents possessed by these individuals or something beyond that? Do these personalities “brand” themselves and consciously do or refrain from doing things that affect their brand image? We all already have a personal brand, every person does. In our profession, industry or area of expertise, our personal brand has grown like a pearl inside an oyster, built from layers of our behaviour, treatment of others, the result of our work and the things
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One’s personal brand emerges from the search for identity and meaning, out of which comes an awareness of personal strengths and talents. Personal branding is not applying an attractive mask, it understands what ones values are, and learning to make these values relevant to other people. Much of developing a personal brand centres on identifying personal values. Just like it is true for products and services, good personal brands stand apart from others and create strong favourable and unique associations. The aim of every personal brand is to be clear, distinctive, and be easily understood, and to expresses a unique, compelling benefit that people believe in. The personal brand must establish a place of trust and relevance in the prospects minds. The more it is believed by people, the more it will spread throughout the market without pushing. To evaluate how is brand “you” doing it is necessary to obtain honest, helpful feedback on the brand performance, growth and value. The next step is to work to close the gap between what the brand is today and how it wants to be perceived by others. A great personal brand evokes an emotional response in its audience .But in the end; the deciding factor in the personal brand’s effectiveness comes down to which of the two responses it generates “good” or “bad”. A Personal brand makes each person exposed to it
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