Personal Branding : The Influence Of Personal Identity

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With personal branding becoming a huge success in today’s generation, many students have taken their chances and have stood up for themselves by showcasing their names as a brand. Many of today’s youth have also showcased their personalities on various social media sites and media platforms. One such user is me, I have made many accounts on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. I have created an identity that will help me evolve into a better person, I really feel like the mainstream audience should pay more attention to middle class kids as we all are the same and deserve equal respect. Having an identity puts you in a new place within civilization, this is important to note because it means that you are different from others and might have the potential to do something that could make people remember who you are. These social media sites have had a great influence on me and maybe many others. Using the benefits these companies have provided I looked for ways where I could step up my game and tell the world that a person named Harshpreet Singh exists. Some things I do that separates me from the others is how I always work hard to improve my vocabulary and make it as diverse as possible. Another reason that makes me stand out is the way I approach others, people around the globe should feel the honesty one is trying to showcase and I believe that this is the way everyone should communicate in order to win others hearts. I speak two
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