Personal Caregiving : Childhood Development Essay

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Journal #2 The first few years of life are arguably the most foundational years that people experience throughout life. The way individuals treat infants and toddlers can affect the way they behave and interact with others throughout their lives. A secure attachment that formed between a child and his or her caregiver can manifest itself as young as 9 months old. When individuals consider the current research on childhood development, it becomes apparent that caregivers should make every effort to be responsive to the needs of their children by adhering to the three A’s of childcare: attention, approval, and attunement. Responsive caregiving is pivotal to childhood development. Responsiveness, coupled with positive intentionality, can make a significant difference in a child’s development (85). Interactions with young children can shape who they are as individuals and how they perceive themselves. Responding to children in a way that creates a positive and welcoming environment will foster secure attachments between caregivers and their respective children (86). A secure attachment that forms between a child and caregiver can be defined as “a connection between infant and primary caregiver in which the infant feels safe and responds warmly to the caregiver” (86). Responsive caregiving can assist infants or toddlers develop positive relationships with others. Research has indicated that responsive caregiving and positive attachments often leads to socioemotional and
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