Personal Case Analysis: Working Together In Groups

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Case Analysis MGS
Working together in a group can be overwhelming due to the different personalities and work habits that team members bring along with them. It takes managerial knowledge and leadership traits to see the skills in each member and bring them together to achieve a common purpose. At the beginning of the semester when we were all assigned our groups I had my judgements about the individuals with whom I would be working with for the rest of the term. When I first met Logan, my first impression of him was he was a laid back guy and very introverted. He came off as someone who would be a minimal contribution to the group and rely heavily on the team. Learning that his Keirsey temperament profile awarded him guardian status was a complete shock to me. The characteristics of a guardian were the complete opposite from my judgement of him. Guardians are supposed to be hardworking, responsible and leaders. Learning all this information I believe that his fun going nature will be what is easiest to work with him. His laid back attitude is what is going to make it hard to work with him. To get the best results out of Logan I will have to give him small work related tasks to keep him engaged and responsible. This way he is well aware of the task that is going on and
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He comes off as a motivated, dependable and helpful. Finding out Lonnie was a Guardian made me realize that his helpfulness is what was going to make it easier working with him. Every team needs someone that is willing to go out of their way to assist others and that is what Lonnie is. Lonnie being a little older than all of us seems a little more cautious to change than the others. This factor will make working with Lonnie harder. When working with Lonnie individually I will be more than accepting of his assistance but I will have to spend a little more time convincing him of the benefits of change in certain
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