Personal Case Study : The Australian Blueprint For Career Development

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Task 1: Personal Case Study

Student context

As current student’s will be entering into the most volatile job market, in living memory, it is important to consider a number of contexts effecting their learning and career development, in order to achieve greater outcomes.
It is important teachers assist students in developing self-awareness regarding interests, aptitudes, abilities and values. (Parsons, 1909) Module 1, suggests educators should provide vocational guidance, sources and types of career information required for effective decisions making.
The ‘Australian Blueprint for Career Development’, as noted in Module 4 of the learning activities, is an ideal starting point for educators when considering student career development into their teaching practices.
Following the basic guidelines set out in the blueprint, appendix 2, whilst adhering to learning and career development theories, will create a higher success rate for students and improve my capabilities as a teacher.

Self-projection monitoring

Bandura’s social learning theory suggests that the learning process is a cognitive process, which occurs in a social environment, through observation or direct instruction, regardless of repetition or learning reinforcement. (Bandura, 1999) Thereby suggesting that students can learn values, attitudes and ideas, through the imitation or observations of the values and attitudes of their teachers.
Therefore, educators must become explicitly aware of how they project
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