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Personal Changes According to Webster’s Dictionary change has three distinct meanings that apply to the topic of personal change. These meanings of change are: to become different, to make something different, and to become something else (Change, n.d.). All of these descriptions of change could really be used to describe the transformation that takes place when one experiences a life change, be it personal, or work related. The bottom line of this definition of change is the fact that the individual is moving from a current state, to some future unknown state, and the result of this transformation is what is better known to all of us as change. This becoming something else is often faced with fear and trepidation due to the lack of…show more content…
Finally, in 2010 my organization created a new position called Medical Services Officer. This position worked a four day a week, 10 hours a day schedule and oversaw all Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training and education. This was my opportunity and I pursued it. I scored high enough on the test and was promoted to the position. Soon after, the Chief of EMS retired and I was promoted into that position and now oversee our entire EMS program. Some significant, and unanticipated effects occurred with these rapid changes. First, I really missed (more than I thought I would) providing care on a day to day basis. Second, I missed the comradery of the fire service. This is a family oriented career, and I no longer worked day in and day out with that family. Last, and surprisingly I had a really hard time adjusting to working a day shift. This took me nearly two years to become accustomed to. I really missed my work schedule, and the lifestyle that I had developed over the years. This was a major adjustment for me. Psychology of Change Grand Canyon University (2011), states that change can be something that can be anticipated, and looked forward to. In fact, change has many positive benefits in stretching the individual, or organization to realize potential that they never knew existed prior to implementing the change. Yet the fact remains, no matter how
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