Personal Characteristics Essay

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There are many personal characteristics that can affect a person as an individual and his professional success, namely openness, ability to learn and adapt etc. These personal characteristics can sometimes make a person successful and sometimes doesn’t. As I spend more and more time as a professional, I perceive that there are few characteristics that are essential for professional success: namely ambitious, creative and adaptable. These characteristics come out in many different ways. Have you set your goals? Have you decided the path you have to take to pursue your goal? What are the sacrifices you can do to achieve your ambition? How much can you think out of the box to resolve a particular issue or bring new idea to the table? How…show more content…
This characteristic will motivate me to grow better in my future career as well.
I believe that few people have a strong inner feeling that pushes them to think out of the box to identify as issue and find the solution. Personally, I always try to find the most creative solution and do not give up until I get it. Sometime this energy is contagious on to next. I always search for the missing links and fine-tune my thoughts until I reach a point that works. This creativity has steadily driven my ambitions through the organization.
Today the world is changing so rapidly and the way it has changed in last few decades, it hasn’t changed in last few hundred years. So adaptability has become the need of the hour. I believe that adaptability is the most important quality of all, particularly if one is in technology industry. There have been times when this adaptability has changed the nomenclature of day and night but it has also given me rewards at the appropriate times. Adaptability, personally, has created a far-reaching international outlook and I was able to spend time, living outside my country of origin, working for UK retails giants and this stay not only diversified my work experience but also my cultural experience. It has improved my exposure to diverse situations with increasing levels of complexity and this exposure has increased my eagerness for new challenges. It has instigated a feeling in me that there
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