Personal Characteristics Of A Reflective Practitioner

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As an educational leader, it is important to be a reflective practitioner. Throughout my career, I have engaged in reflective practices at the teach level as well as the teach leader level. With each opportunity I get to utilize an instrument that is designed to provide feedback on my practice, I make it a priority to take advantage of it. This past semester I have been exposed to various leadership instruments that not only reinforced my understanding of Leadership theory, but offered tremendous insight into my leadership strengths, weakness, and affinities. Below, I have provided a brief synopsis of my findings with respect to each of the leadership instruments. Survey Reflections Leadership Trait Questionnaire After taking the…show more content…
I scored in the very high range when it came to relationship behaviors. This didn’t surprise me because I am naturally a people’s person. I found that there are certain survey items that really resonated with me and I believe they articulate how I behave extremely well. For example, one of the first items asked me to rate how often do I act friendly with group members? Always was the first answer that came to me because I make it a personal mission of mine to show kindness to those around me. I found that this was obviously me strength because I replied “always” for almost every survey item that corresponded with relationships. Conversely, when it came to the task behaviors, there was not a single item in which I could respond “always.” This concerns me because I recognize that depending upon the context in which I lead in the future, my followers may need someone who can initiate structure. I found that since I have taken the survey, I have been motivated to pay more attention to my task and hold others accountable when working on projects. This goes for my students as well as my colleagues in whom I oversee. Path Goal Leadership Questionnaire My results from the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire indicate the I exhibit “Participative” leader behaviors that are appropriate for the type of followers who possess a need for
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