Personal Characteristics Of Special Education And Literacy Intervention

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P = Personal characteristics
My passion is working with children which, by natural result, fosters an array of opportunities to demonstrate my on-the-spot resourcefulness, adaptability, and flexibility. My work in special education and literacy intervention allows me to express the great amounts of compassion that I hold for the children and families I work with, while maintaining a conscientious and professional rapport with both clients and co-workers. In addition to insinuating my deep-rooted values in both my education and the well-being of others, my adept and consistent academic record, which spans a wide variety of subjects, showcases my extraordinary self- motivation and self-drive.
E = Experiences
Although I have a long history in leadership and management, I have spent the last few years focusing my efforts in the field of education and educational leadership. After graduating with my Associates degree I began teaching in elementary education and preschool classrooms to typically developing children while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. As I expand my repertoire to encompass the world of behavioral science and behavior analysis, I am also building experience through volunteer work in special needs classrooms working with children with autism, developmental delays, and other various learning and behavioral challenges. The last few years spent working with children has given me a great insight into the inner-workings of small humans. Not only have I learned to
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