Personal Choice Is A Priority -- - Euthanasia

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Sujan Basnet Personal choice is a priority --- Euthanasia Organized disciplines of modern society, namely organized medicine, as well as the judicial and legislative bodies, which were constituted upon the ethical traditions of Western Civilization by longstanding convention, forbid the practice of active euthanasia on moral and ethical grounds. Quite simply, one human being shall not kill another. This is the command that has been handed down to humanity. One of the chief arguments supporting legalization of euthanasia, is that built upon the concepts of individual "free will, autonomy" and the right to exercise them. However, the elevation of these rights of the individual above those of the greater social group are a concern. The concern which arises, is that institutions which would exercise the free will of an individual, on a populace of individuals who are terminally ill, might lose track of the elusive quality of freedom as it relates to will, and implement someone else 's will upon an unwilling individual, or upon an entire group for that matter. "Western Civilization is breaking down under the corrosive influence of radical subjectivity and individualism. Freedom is divorced from truth and all authority above the individual is denied." (Moler, 1997) Thereafter, all truth is reduced to subjective relativism as it regards
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