Personal Code Of Ethics And System Of Moral Values

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There has been rapid change in technology, more knowledge then ever before and the increased and complex health care demands challenge the nurse 's knowledge, technical competence, interpersonal skills and commitment. Nurses work at each level of the health care system, have varied roles, and are constantly in contact with people. Dealing with this power and responsibility requires nurses to have knowledge and skills. ESSAY 1 I would help to build Henry’s manager/leader skills by showing him how it is to be a leader. Integrity is expected of all health professionals in the work place. A leader demonstrates integrity by being consistently truthful, honest, and reliable. A nurse leader adheres to both a personal code of ethics and system of…show more content…
As a nurse manager it is my responsibility to reduce medical errors. Eliminating abbreviations is one way to help reduce errors. “The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has been a vigorous advocate of identifying those hospital policies and procedures that endanger patient safety” (Steele, 2016). Providing all patients with a wristband that includes their full name and date of birth with a scannable bar code is another effective measure to reduce medication errors. Scanners that are connected to computer networks provide a highly efficient way to capture data. ESSAY 3 “Critical thinking is the process of examining underlying assumptions, interpreting and evaluating arguments, imagining and exploring alternatives, and developing a reflective criticism for the purpose of reaching a conclusion that can be justified” (Sullivan, 2013). Critical thinking in nursing is a very important part of the process. It includes reflections about the connections between sociocultural and biophysiological aspects of health status and services. Critical thinking may be fostered through the use of guided group discussions. It is also fostered through activities to stimulate creativity, such as brainstorming. For example as nursing supervisor I need to critically think about ways to increase program quality. Nurse leaders, managers, and consultants need effective interpersonal skills in communicating, motivating,

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