Personal Code Of Ethics By Meredith Keck

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Personal Code of Ethics
Meredith Keck
University of the Incarnate Word: Communications in Organizations
27 January 2017

Leaders are expected to act consistently with their vision and the values they advocate to their team. If a leader’s words or actions are contrary to the values they expect in others, they will be faced with cynicism and contempt. Followers expect their leader to act in their best interests, putting their welfare before their own. An ethical leader is honest, open and truthful to their followers. When leaders lose this trust, their followers will quickly disregard them.

Part I
Knowledge, integrity, empathy, patience, and love are at the core of my ethos. These traits shape my character, nature, …show more content…

Many higher ranking leaders may unintentionally make them feel disregarded because of this. When a new Airman joins my team it can take them months to open up and begin expressing their ideas. However, change is on the horizon- a year ago our Medical Wing developed an ‘Innovation Center’. All ranks are encouraged to attend a nine day Innovation Center course where they can openly share their ideas to improve our organization. Providers sit with technicians and Generals rub elbows with Airmen to learn Lean management and work together to develop improvement strategies and plans.

Part II
As a leader, I am committed to creating an open, welcoming environment that respects diversity and creative thinking; inspiring personal and professional growth. I value all individualities and viewpoints equally. My ethics are the same for every one of my followers, regardless of age, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. By removing any stigmas or barriers, we strengthen the unity between us, enabling us to succeed individually and as a whole.
I encourage my team to be open with me on all accounts. When they share personal matters with me, I keep them confidential. The trust that we have built within my team is incredible, and it is not something that I take lightly. I am devoted to keeping this trust within my team by staying true to my

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