Personal Code of Ethics Essay

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Personal Code of Ethics Having a personal code of ethics is very important to me since it defines who I am and what my beliefs are. My ethical code symbolizes who I am as an individual as a result of my moral, religious, intellectual and cultural upbringing. One of my greatest wishes is for my personality and actions to clearly define my code of ethics, without me verbalizing or someone else reading it on a document. Some questions that I would like others to ask and come up with their own answers without being doubtful and uncertain are: Is she an honest person? Is she a leader or a follower? Does she practice what she preaches? Does she exercise a love for God? These are the questions and answers that should reflex my…show more content…
I will demonstrate love to others because I am acting in accordance with God's own nature. Morally I believe that one should treat each other as they treat themselves. I am definitely a care base thinker and insist that how one treats someone is how one should expect to be treated. I believe that if you treat someone with love, one should expect to be loved in return. Practice generosity Another code of ethic that is important to me is to exhibit generosity. This code of ethic is not only based on my religious belief but it is morally right. The bible states that God loves a cheerful giver; it also states that one should give and God will see others give to you. I believe that generosity is the habit of giving without coercion. I think people see me as a generous person. To me generosity goes beyond a wealthy person giving charitable donations such as money or expensive gifts to the less fortunate. Being generous to me is merely paying a bus ticket for my daughter since she cannot afford it. Other examples of generosity is sharing dinner with a homeless person, giving a gift to siblings whose parents cannot afford a Christmas present. I will continue to be generous because the thought of sharing and giving unselfishly without wanting in return shows that I do care about others and is a personal ethics that I attribute. Be honesty It is important for me to be honest to myself and to others. Honesty is another code of ethic that is dear to me. Honesty to me

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