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Personal Comments

Residing in a Swiss conference-room, etched with a Mahogany interior and touched with a faintly Modern flare, rests the decision-making organ of the World Health Organization(WHO)—the World Health Assembly(WHA). The Assembly, which convenes annually every May in Geneva to debate the international health agenda, may cover topics that vary from the Pacific SARS crisis to the Zika virus epidemic. Tasked as a delegate from the NCD Alliance—which aims to strengthen international health systems to combat the growing prevalence of non-communicable diseases— I had the lofty task of interviewing officers of various sectors and later reporting on the institutions' current political and interventional endeavors as it relates to
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Combating population-based health vices—such as prolonged substance abuse—will reduce the amount of chronic diseases abounded in the U.S., naturally driving down costs and improving overall well-being in the process. To this effect, work done abroad—as seen through the non-profits represented in the WHA— mimics the virtues of domestic public health: both working tirelessly to secure a healthier community for all patrons.

And just as global health disparities plague various health systems, regional health disparity is a rampant issue in larger urban communities such as Los Angeles: with an environment ill-suited for good health practices and poor access to quality healthcare instigating a multi-generational cycle of bodily malfunction. Thus, tackling the grim health outcomes projected for those in less privileged locales begins not simply through building more clinics but rather through a concerted effort by the provider to synchronized the broader, long-term objectives of prevention and education to clinical practice, equipping the patient with the necessary mental resources to better maintain a healthy body and mind.

It was these same preventive principles that motivated me to establish TantamountHealth, a non-profit centered in LA focused on providing children and young teens in underserved neighborhoods the

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