Personal Commentary On My Father

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My father holds his suitcase tightly as his teary gaze connects with mine, “I promise I will be back in the morning, Lee,” he manages to say between cries. He didn 't come back. I stand in the hallway with wide eyes. “Her education costs too much, either you or Ainslyee have to leave,” my mother screams at my now gobstopped father. This isn 't the first financial struggles are topic of my parents daily argument. The way my mom spit my name like venom made my stomach churn. The words that my father whispers next makes time halt.
“I would never leave you,” my father says just above a whisper in scarily calm voice.
Anger begins to over flood my veins as I scream, “So much for parentally love,” invading their argument. Both their heads
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Tears begin to rain down my Father 's face as well. I need him to stay.
Ignoring my statement, he responds “I promise I will be back in the morning.” He 's lying.
“-but I need you to also make a promise.” Unsurely, I nod my head.
“Take care of you mother for me when I am gone,” and with that my once loving father climbs into his car, driving away. I watch as the car 's taillights glow in the dark, slowly becoming smaller and smaller. He’s gone.
I slowly drag my feet into the house. I feel empty inside. The once overflowing emotions are gone, instead they are replaced with realization. He really left. Does he not care? I trudge up the stairs and into my bedroom with my head hanging low in shame. As I raise my head, I come face to face with an extremely mad woman, I call my mother.
I whimper a small, “sorry” as she begins to yell. Worthless, Mistake, Stupid, the words I cannot block out. It 's all my fault. I watch as my mother angrily leave the room, following the same path my my father took. She doesn 't even spare a glance back towards my direction as she leaves the house. I watch from the window and once again see the taillights shrink. They both left. I break, shattering like glass. I fall to the floor screaming and crying. It 's all my fault. I am broken beyond repair. It 's all my fault.
The sun shines on my tear stained face, causing me to wake from my slumber. The events of last night hit like a hurricane. I slowly stand up and

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