Personal Communication Profile

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Psychology of Communication and Relationship Management Personal Communication Profile Communication is something we do without thinking as it comes naturally. As babies we communicate through sign language. Our hands go out to pick a baby up, the baby soon learns that this language of communication gets results. Crying is another form of attention. As babies age they also learn to talk. They soon learn that saying the correct words along with body language, gets them what they want. Communicating with people I find is my strongest asset and using verbal and nonverbal communication can be testing, but beneficial used in the correct way. Currie (2007) states Effective Verbal Communication is important when building relationships…show more content…
Ince (2010) mentions, a head injury can damage a part of the brain responsible for memory. Severe head trauma can cause permanent memory loss and confusion. A person may even need to learn basis mathematics and writing skills again (pg 1). Concentration and listening constitute a positive conversational base. The most important part of communication is listening. The skill deficit the writer has in communication is concentration. I can overcome this by taking my time documenting data in clearer detail and not rushing. Remembering information is not a strong point within my communication. I have adopted a system where keeping notes and documents is a major help to me. I have a strong ability in communicating with people, talking, and getting them to feel comfortable and relaxed while visiting and interviewing them. Readings in the Course Documents state, Interpersonal communication is the primary way we build, refine and transform relationships (pg 32). It is important to make friendly eye contact while using hand and facial gestures. This gives the person confidence and trust within you. Caution has to be taken when dealing with different cultures. European customs may not have the same
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