Personal Communication Style Of The Family And Community

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Each of us has a personal communication style that was taught in the family and community. Family always has a place and a very important role in the protection and preservation of cultural value. The family is receiving, inheriting and transferring the traditional values of people from generation to generation. My family lived in a patriarchal society that the male who carried the family name and entitled to a larger family inheritance. They have the male-dominated power. The male had privileges and power in our patriarchal society. On the other hand, the female was the subordinated group and did not have any autonomy and decision making.
In my family, it was a downward and one-way communication. It meant that adults who had the authority spoke and the others just listened. My grandfather was very strict. I remember everyone sat quietly at the dinner table. We dared not to make any sounds. We were afraid to make any kind of mistakes. We got scolded or reprimanded for talking too loud, too much, too fast or mumble, chewing food too loud and eating too fast or slow. When adults discussed things at the dinner table, children point of view were not welcomed. As children, we learnt not to question or to interrupt when adults are talking. We listened and only responded when we were asking. We did not talk back or argue with adults. We also could not use of body expressions because it showed a sign contempt and disrespect if we made unpleasant facial expressions and
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