Personal Conflict

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11/30/07 Life Change Imagine starting a book that you have to read for class, one that really looks interesting and you can't wait to get into the middle of it to find out who dies, who cheats, or who solves the world's mystery. All of the anticipation is for nothing. You can't read it, your mind wanders and thinks of everything else but concentrating on the story. Some people call it laziness, but to others it is a serious mind problem that just won't let you concentrate no matter how hard you try. I can remember rereading paragraphs multiple times because my mind would wander into some other world; I would still be reading, but unable to absorb the content of the text. My life changing event was when I was finally able to sit down and…show more content…
While writing this it's almost like I'm completely zoned out, but zoned in at the same time. In other words I'm basically in my own little world just sitting here peacefully writing my essay for English. Do you remember when you read your first book and while reading it you couldn't put it down, for who knew what would happen next. I remember it clear as day, I had to read a novel for English class Senior year and it really looked like a book I would just look at on "Spark Notes", but I decided to give it a try. When I read my first book without being distracted by spacing out or any little sound that I heard I loved it. The novel was a Tail of Two Cities". Most of my classmates dislikes this book, but I found it very interesting. I could never wait for what would come next and it had some historical significance to it as well. I was amazed on how complex some characters can be in just a simple story. The way the writer was able to detail the setting and give the reader such a clear picture was perfect. It was as if I was there with that characters throughout the whole period of time that the novel took place. Reading became one of my hobbies after I obtained pills for ADD, I could really put myself right in the story and it became my own little world. I was never before able to read a book without reading the chapter a couple of times. My homework would take twice as long as many other students, so most of the time I would use "Spark Notes" and not even bother getting
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