Personal Counseling : Cross Cultural Counseling

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RUNNING HEAD: CROSS CULTURAL COUNSELING 7 Cross Cultural Cross-Cultural Counseling Sophia Henry American Public University Abstract For this assignment I chose counseling American Indians and Alaska Natives because it is the one group I have not studied or been around much. There is a huge population of American Indians and Alaska Natives in Washington where I currently live. I stay approximately 30 minutes from an Indian reservation. A few of the kids that attend the school I work at are Native American or an Alaska Native. I realized that when I first started working at the school that I knew nothing of their culture or values even though my great grandmother was a Native American. I have taken this opportunity to learn more about them as well as how to counsel those students. Once I finish school, I would love to work as a school counselor in one of the schools and I may even get a chance to work at the school on the reservation, so this assignment came at a good time. American Indians just like all ethnic groups have a family structure, cultural and spiritual values, strengths, and challenges. In this paper I will start off with the history of Native Americans. It is their past that shaped them for the future. As a counselor it is important to know their past to understand their present. I will also discuss their cultural strengths, theoretical approach, culturally appropriate intervention strategies and how I would incorporate cultural strengths
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