Personal Counselor Goals

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Is there anything unique regarding your family dynamic that you would like to share with admission counselors?

List three objectives (think outside the box) that best describe you and WHY? Please be specific and cite instances where these characteristics were evident.

Change management, I’m open to change and can adapt to it well, for example: in previous years when I knew a class wasn't right for me I would be open to changing my schedule. Perseverance, I don't like to quit and always try to finish what I start, For example I never gave up during the end of a school year, I always try to finish strong. Quick thinking, I know how to think on my feet, for example: I'm on an improv team and Improv is entirely thinking on one's feet.

Do you have a motto in which you strive to live by? If so, what is it and why?
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If I'm not doing anything I feel like I'm wasting time. This motto applies to my academic and personal life in many ways. For example: every day I did not work out I felt like I was getting weaker. Also, I know that if one day I decided to do no school work at all I’d be wasting time, even if I had no homework assigned I know that I should still spend a good amount of time studying.

What are your proudest academic and personal accomplishments? Please describe in detail.

My writing has improved exponentially since freshman year. I used to take non honors English and got bad grades. Now I'm very confident in my writing and get much better
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