Personal Cultural Origin

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Personal Cultural Origin I was born and brought up in a nuclear family that consisted of my parents and an elder sister. From young, my father had a full time job and was the breadwinner of the family while my mother stayed home to take care of both my sister and I. All immediate and extended family members are Chinese and my grandparents came from Anhui and Xiamen, bringing along their cultural values and traditions from China to Singapore. Chinese culture has been found to originate about 5,000 years ago (Chinese Government's Official Web Portal, 2005). It has been passed through numerous generations and continually evolving as each generation embraces it. The cultural practices of my southern Chinese ancestors, local ethnicities in…show more content…
Therefore, my family was very results oriented and often compared my results to my elder sister and others. My parents believed that external achievements, such as social position and exam ranking are measures of success. They held high regard for education and academic success. I was rewarded when I got Band 1s during my examinations and canned when I did poorly. Rewards and punishments were a big part in shaping my thinking and behaviour. I was rewarded when I did what my parents think was right and punished when I was wrong. This was further fuelled by the influence from our Singapore education system. Streaming, banding, rankings created an over emphasis on examinations and results. When I was younger, getting good grades was not enough, many a times, my peers and myself included would have to rush home to continue other classes, like ballet, piano or, violin, that our parents have signed up for us. I grew up driven by performance and it often brought about much stress and anxiety. However, as I grew older, received more education and gained more exposure, I started believing that I was able to control my destiny, opposite of how Chinese normally attribute problems to an external locus of control. Furthermore, I am the second and youngest child in the family. This led to a lot of comparison with my elder sister, from grades to jobs to relationships. I felt like there was a need to do something different from
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