Personal Cultural Reflection & Philosophy Paper – Michael

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Personal Cultural Reflection & Philosophy Paper – Michael Travis
i. Introduction:

ii. Exploration:
I would describe myself as someone with a deep understanding of self, someone who can recognize and yield meaning from all of the life’s experiences, both the good and the bad. Viktor Frankl said, “if there is a meaning in life at all, then there must be a meaning in suffering.” From my experiences of personal and family tragedies, I know that suffering is part of life and is unavoidable, it is as certain as death and completes our journey here on earth; however, we should not let this suffering go to waste but let it contribute to a deeper meaning to our lives. Through this process my life has been enriched, it has enabled me to decipher
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Immigrating to another country, and going through the immigration process, while seeing so many families from a wide range of diverse backgrounds also going through this process has opened my eyes to a world of pain, family separation and sheer joy once out the other side of freedoms including that of religion, persecution, and hatred
These trials, tests have been for my own profit and learning and will greatly impact my world view, supporting my abilities to be a great counselor as I work with an array of cultures, backgrounds and belief systems. Having experienced firsthand multiculturalism and diversity know I will be empathic to those who feel that do not fit in or belong.
My interpretation of counseling from my limited experiences would use the past to establish foundations, discover where personal or culture beliefs. I believe our past does not determine our future but can predict where we are headed if we do not allow change to happen or correct our course. Traumatic ordeals from our past need to be given attention for change and growth to occur, but, must not be dwelt on. I believe people are inherently good or come from goodness. iii. Integration
My priorities in life include family relationships, education, recreation and filling the soul with enlightenment. Surrounding yourself with real intimate relationships that can stand the test of time will bring happiness and well-being to the
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