Personal Culture : The Importance Of Communication In Hispanic Culture

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Communication in Hispanic Culture When focusing in on communication within Hispanic culture, there are many things that easily go undetected. While explaining differences in communication with Hispanic families, Geri-Ann Galanti (2008) emphasizes the importance of familismo, which many people have never heard of. Familismo is the importance of immediate and extended families in all areas of life, especially communication. In the medical field, this means showing respect and including all family members in relevant conversations. One example Galanti (2008) uses is the gesture of a health care worker introducing herself to not only the prominent family member, but also the extended family members and children that are also present. This not only increased the level of comfort and trust between the health care worker and the family, but also opened up opportunities for further communication. Communication in the hospital is one of the most important steps, it is vital to be aware of the family and the extra effort that may be required in order to help everyone feel respected.

Space in Hispanic Culture When it comes to the Hispanic culture, personal space is usually not too important. Physical touch is held with a lot of value and in turn, most people do not have a lot of personal space. Same goes with the family, it is not uncommon for a few families to live in the same house and to share the same spaces. Because of this, there is a natural sense of

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