Personal Development

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Executive summery

This academic report is give an enhance knowledge of developing a comprehensive personal and professional development strategies where summarized as below.
Chapter 01 Steps of Developing Professional Development Plan and CV
Chapter 02 Evaluation on Professional Development Plan
Chapter 03 Highlighted on Interpersonal and transferable skills
Chapter 04 Focus on Learning in a professional context

Table of contents

Executive summary 01
Table of contents 02
Chapter 01 03-09 1.1 Introduction on Personal and Professional Development 1.2 Self Assessment 1.3 Personal SWOT Analysis 1.4 Skill Audit 1.5 Personal Development Plan 1.6 Curriculum vitae
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It assess such as current abilities, skills, knowledge.
I am Shireen Mendis, 24 years old business student at Cavendish collage London. I have completed my GCE O/L and A/L in 2001 & 2004.After I completed a Diploma in Business Management, completed second stage of Certified Management Account and Microsoft Certified Professional. While studying I worked as an account clerk in Sumithra Garment about 1 ½ years. After I worked in a newly established manufacturing company as an Accountant until April 2010.Experience I got from Sumithra garment and IPC agro enhanced my knowledge and skills on accounting packages, Team working , time management, hard working etc. 1.3 Personal SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is a tool which uses to analyze internal environment. Personal
SWOT analysis reflect the internal analysis of all the skills, knowledge and attitudes of a person. Below figure 1.1 show a clear analysis of personal SWOT and it can be categorized as external-internal and positive negative factors.





Figure 1.1, Personal SWOT Analysis. (Field work)
Strengths: Are the internal positive qualities I stand out with others .During my 5 years working experience I have enhanced my skill in computer accounting. Most of my friends say that I am well organized and confident on work what I do.
Weaknesses: Emotional is the main weakness I have. This weakness some time
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