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Personal Development Human relationships are what feed into our need to belong. Being in contact with others not only makes us feel connected, it also enhances various skills such as communication. Human interaction is being revolutionized by technology, limiting human interaction. Reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington opened my eyes to various topics I had never really thought of. Being able to disconnect from the outer world enables us to connect with our inner world.
Overconnectivity: The Snake in Our Digital Garden of Eden (p. 62) In her book, Thrive, Huffington states that, on average, smartphone users check their phone every 6 minutes. In addition, Huffington adds that despite giving us what we want, technology does not always give
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74) Being an overworked, stressed, sleep deprived college student was the only life I knew how to live after graduating high school. In the section, Sleep Your Way to the Top, in her book Thrive, Huffington states that sleep is completely underrated. I could not agree more. Working forty hours a week and attending school full time made it difficult to do anything, including sleep. What I failed to realize was that I needed to spend more time on myself than at work or in school. Huffington states that success comes as a result of the quality of work we put in, not simply the quantity of work we put in.
Going to work right after school or going to school right after work drained everything from me, including my soul. Huffington made me realize that sleep is a lot more valuable than many make it out to be. By realizing that in order to be more focused, I needed to sleep, I learned that I am a much better student than I gave myself credit for. Huffington states that society stigmatizes sleep negatively because we make it seem like we are not passionate about our work. False! Taking care of our selves can lead to positive outcomes. What I learned from this section was that it is definitely okay to take naps and to slowly destroy
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116) When we take a step back and observe our life, we can see that we are constantly learning. Each day and each moment is an opportunity to learn something. Despite these various learning opportunities, women seem to always be held back, even just a little. In this section, Huffington describes the story of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She adds that women have this inborn, internal sense of creation and action, just as men do. Huffington then proceeds to state that women, in order to succeed in a male-dominated world, do not need to leave behind their deeper sense of selves. This quote resonated with me profoundly.
Growing up in a low income, single parent household, I was destined to not be successful and to have to search for resources in order to make something for myself. As I grew older, I realized I had just as many opportunities for succeeding as my peers; it was only a matter of desire. Huffington states that overall, we are dominated by three metrics; success, money and power. Wisdom is our ticket to freedom because it releases us from the reality we seem to be trapped in, Huffington
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