Personal Development Plan For A Successful Health Care Administrator

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“If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal.” A personal development plan is an attack plan for your life, whether it changes or remains the same having a precise plan allows an individual to focus their activities in the right direction. I’m currently a Talent Development Specialist working with the supplemental assistance for needy families’ program (SNAP), in which I engage with many individuals on a daily basis. My job consists of making sure they are eligible to receive food stamps, then creating a plan to minimize barriers and help them become self sufficient individuals. As someone who sits down with individuals to develop a plan and track their weekly process, you would think I would have my own personal development plan by now. Unfortunately, that is not the case this is my first personal development plan and I will begin with my challenges which must be addressed in order to be a successful health care administrator.
One of the main challenges that I face at this point in my life is that I have no experience in a health care setting. Yes, I work for the state in what can be considered a health program as the program itself does promote wellness and health, but never in an actual hospital, ER, clinic, home health, or community center. Another challenge is that I’m tied up, I work a full time job and part time with my father in purchasing for his industrial machinery wholesale company. When I’m not at my regular 8-5 job or working from a…
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