Essay on Personal Development Plan: Improving My Relationship

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Throughout my whole life I have witnessed how relationships should go, and my parents have always been my primary learning source of communication. It was modeled for me in a healthy way, but also in a negative way sometimes. I catch myself struggling with my reacting behaviors to negative events, and ways of speaking. This causes me a lot of grief and frustration when I am communicating with people or my loved ones. This would also include my five-year relationship with my boyfriend. My goals of my personal development plan are to become a better partner in my relationship, and communicate efficiently. Another goal would be to better choose how I react in situations. An important aspect of communication is becoming aware, choosing words…show more content…
I was able to have a few moments to truly think about how I would respond, and perceive the situation. When I would become defensive in my relationship I am aware that I can be hurtful and have a poor attitude. We both were guilty of misunderstanding each other frequently, and applying the perception check allowed us to understand what we meant. Not only is perception checking important, using “I” statements is important as well.
Throughout my experience with my personal growth plan I have incorporated perception checking, and “I” statements. Using “I” language provides a more accurate and less provocative way to express a complaint (Adler & Proctor, 2014). As I applied this skill my goal was to avoid my partner from getting defensive. I wanted to communicate with him in the least threating way. I took accountability when I applied an “I” statement, and wanted him to recognize how I really feel. I was able to avoid judgment in a situation because I would explain how I felt and my feelings meant more when he understood. I was able to calmly and collectively communicate with my partner during an “I” statement. I wanted to also encourage him to use “I” statements, because instead of overreacting he was able to express his true feelings. These two interpersonal skills were very important in improving my relationship with my partner. I have become aware of reactions to situations and I am continuing to improve. I see this personal
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