Personal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan ABSTRACT This paper presents personal development plan which I have formulated to identify my career objectives and improve my interpersonal and professional skills. Personal development planning includes a set of questions which try to identify career interests, potentials, and competencies, collect relevant information for future decision making, and personal development matrix to identify short and long term goals and their respective actions to be followed. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A personal development plan helps in identifying potentials and competencies in one's personality and finding a good match of these potentials and competencies with his long term professional goals. This paper presents all the essential steps which must be included in personal development planning process; including identification of potentials and capabilities, testing the abilities and skills, answering all the potential questions which arise when someone tries to choose his professional career, selecting the future goals and defining the roadmap to achieve those goals, collecting and analyzing relevant information for an effective decision making, academic and professional advantages of personal development, and the personal development matrix to identify short term and long term goals. INTRODUCTION A personal development plan helps an individual in identifying his potential and capabilities which he can utilize to achieve his future aims (Business Ball 2013). It

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