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Growing up in the city of Toronto in Canada, then moving to the United States had given a very wide outlook on different careers that are obtainable. From seeing careers mainly focusing on finance in the city to seeing private business owners in the suburbs, I have always thought about what I wanted to accomplish with my upcoming career as an adult. I find it very important to find something that drives myself to work hard and feel as if I am making a positive impact on my peers around me. I have want to find a career in my life that doesn’t feel as if I am “just doing my job”, I have many passions of mine that I think can be turned into careers. One of my career goals could be described as my
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The feedback I got from others along with what I had said about myself drew quite close parallels. Some of the responses that were quite similar consisted of feedback such as “I am easy to communicated with”, “during a conversation, I make others feel comfortable and calm”, and that I am enjoyable to be around. This is good feedback for me, it allows me to feel more confident in conversation knowing that most people feel comfortable around me. This allows me to have stronger, more professional conversations with coworkers during interactions. In the career focus module, I completed the value exercise (Mind Tools). This helped me decide on what I have determined as my most important values. Completing this task has helped me realize that life and decisions are much easier when I choose to honor these values. I have developed a list of values that were based around the following statements. Identifying times when I was most happy, proud, and most fulfilled and satisfied. Learning about the link between situational influences and values have helped me clearly define my values during this process. Being able to tell the differences in values and situational influences allows me to better understand situations along with myself. Values such as commitment, challenge, consistency, creativity, trustworthiness and fun I ranked as my more important. I have found that in my current professional career when I apply these every
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