Personal Development Reflective Paper

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Leadership in an organization often plays a critical role, and is frequently, though not always, one of the major drivers of the success or failure of a company. (Bass, 1990) Effective leadership helps a company through times of peril and brings a future of brightness. It makes a corporation successful. However, what is leadership? According to Kouzes and Posner, it is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations. (1995, p.30) Leaders set a clear direction for us; they help us realize what is ahead; they support us to achieve and win; they encourage and inspire us when we feel depressed. Without leadership, an organization will degenerate into chaos and unstructured because people view things in different ways. …show more content…
Avoiding is a combination of low cooperativeness and low assertiveness. This consequence travels back to the time when I was a vice president of students union in college. We needed to prepare an evening party. However, on the issue of decoration, people had almost 10 different proposals. In life, I am a person who doesn’t like conflicts and try to avoid arguments when I have different opinions with others. And I utilized my personality into my management. I neither wanted to argue with them nor took the thinking raised by everyone. And eventually, I didn’t adopt the entire idea of everybody, but just chose a portion of his or hers and combined a new designation. Although we did a good job at the party, but I felt exhausted. Avoiding is useful in some occasions where the issue is of low importance or the manager has low power. (Thomas & Kilmann) However, it could cause lacking of input and ignorance, and in a long-run, it may lower the authority of the manager and the efficiency in solving problems. In order to improve my shortcoming on “challenging the process”, I have to do some homework. I know this is a tough process, since people are easy to be satisfied with the status quo and afraid to change and move forward. While considering issues, I like to be conservative and worried about taking risks. After studying my weakness, I plan to start experiment with new ways of viewing things and try to take small risks at the
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