Personal Dilemma Experince

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Recently, within the past year, I was faced with a moral and ethical dilemma, which forced me to choose between honesty and loyalty (punc.) and the result of that choice will hopefully guide me in future decisions.(Good opening sentence) At the time of the incident I was working as a pharmacy technician in ________. The dilemma I was faced with involved a fellow technician who was hired at the same time as me and the two of us had become close friends during the course of our employment. Now this friend of mine was obsessed with bodybuilding to the extent that he was willing to steal intravenous steroids from the pharmacy. As a friend I tried to warn and convince him to stop stealing but because he was consistently successful in doing so,…show more content…
The next time I am confronted by a decision of this magnitude I will be cautious in my choice and that choice will reflect my values and needs(punc.: ,) not that of my employer, my friend, my parents or anyone else. At the end of the day we all have to sleep with our own conscience and no one

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