Personal Dilemma

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Personal Dilemma Paper CJA/324- Ethics in Criminal Justice Personal Dilemma We live in a world of diversity and in a government that gives individuals the right of freedom of speech which enables citizens to express their thoughts and ideas without any suppression. People are given equal opportunity, and women have become empowered. It has taken our government a long journey to finally create laws to protect and give the people rights, which are no longer being based on race, religion, or gender. Therefore, people are able to pursue any profession without the stigma of being rejected for factors that are beyond their control.…show more content…
For one month straight, he would continue to throw obstacles and challenges to finally break my morale. He failed to realize that choosing this profession was a personal option, serving my country was my duty and one individual was not going to affect my abilities to perform my job. He realized that as much as he disapproved women serving in the army, soldiers are defined by the values they live by and the efforts invested to become a strong asset to the military, male or female are worthy of wearing the uniform. At that time it was the beginning of my military career and was learning to adjust to this new way of life. It was complicated to decide what methods to use to confront the issue, since being lower ranking, inexperienced did not help and he was the commanding officer. The military is completely different compared to a civilian job, you are unable to just walk away, or quit unless failure to adapt. However, most likely if faced now with a similar issue it would be addressed differently, immediate action would be taken place since that is define as harassment and discrimination. Discrimination in any work environment is inacceptable and every professional environment requires following the code of ethics. In the military we follow the army values to help in becoming noncommissioned officers a leader of soldiers with the responsibilities of accomplishing the mission and the welfare
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