Personal Dilemmas: The Tales Of Oedipus And Antigone

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Greek plays heavily feature tragic events and personal dilemmas which each protagonist must individually face. This paper will mainly focus on the tales of Oedipus and of his daughter Antigone and how they each face a moral crisis when the truth is unveiled. Our protagonists are faced with many challenges along the way which arise due to them wanting to do the right thing. Oedipus wants to uncover the problem that is causing the plague in Thebes but the answers he discovers are fatal. Similar to Antigone whose personal integrity leads to her demise as well as all those around her. She is ruled by her conscience and her actions create a domino effect that leaves the king, Creon, alone and heartbroken. Greek tragedies revolved around the audience knowing the plot twist and it amused them to see how the characters acted when met with their fate. The story of Oedipus begins with Oedipus as the king of Thebes and he is married to their queen, Jocasta. A plague strikes the land and a prophet warns them that the murder of Jocasta’s late husband, Laius, is to blame. Oedipus vows to…show more content…
After a battle between Antigone’s two brothers, who both die in the end, King Creon declares that Polyneices who fought against the city of Thebes does not deserve a correct burial. Antigone is outraged by this due to the fact that it is the gods wish to give everyone a proper burial, so they may proceed into the afterlife. She attempts to bury her brother in secret in a moral attempt to please the gods and to follow her conscience to clear her own guilt. She is unsuccessful and is taken by guards to Creon. Drowning in his own pride Creon refuses to listen to Antigone and give up his previous verdict. He informs the audience of his disdain for women and their apparent
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