Personal Educational Philosophy : Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Personal Educational Philosophy
Evanna Donaldson

Philosophy of Education

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2008, pp. 1) “all human societies, past and present, have had a vested interest in education; and some wits have claimed that teaching is the second oldest profession.” No one comes into the world with knowledge, all knowledge is learned. Education can be learned from experience to being taught. This explains why educators are considered a big contribution to many successful people in today's society. Without education, the world would not have access to being literate. Reading and writing is key to being successful today, without the educators there would be no anything today. There would be no schooling and most of all what people cannot live without today is the Internet and believe it or not books. Most people learn from reading and without the thought of “learning” none of that would be possible. In order to read there has to be some type of educator or education, rather it's teaching oneself or being taught the thought of "education" still is key. After all, the true definition of education is knowledge through learning and instruction.

My Educational Philosophy
The student is the main focus when it comes to education. It is important to make the student feel as if their voice is being heard. If it were not for students how could education even be possible? It is important as an educator to understand the student and his or
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