Personal Essay: A Fictional Narrative

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This was the first night I had been out on the town, since coming of age. After dark I left to the bloody goblin, a tavern near the center of town. I’ve been there many times with my father when I was younger. However, that was many years ago, I recall the smell of strong alcohol burning my nose and the smoke stained roof. I forgot how short of a walk it was to the goblin seeing as I arrived there in just a few minutes, no time to reminisce before going in on my own. The tavern was loud and you could hear the sailors inside singing shanties that remind me of the docks near home. The smell of burning alcohol was strong in the air. The building was in rougher shape than I remember. some of the windows were cracked and some were even broken in. The goblin cutout they had above the sign was sun rotted and ready to fall apart and…show more content…
Taking a quick look around 3 of his Friends got us and charged at me and now the dwarf was standing by my side, “oy thank ye for that one mate” his unnaturally deep voice boasted to me. The bartender yelled for us to take it outside before something got broken, but they didn’t seem interested in waiting and the sailors didn’t seem to mind watching the fight go out as a drunken game before them. I ducked and weaved the best I could between 2 of them, but could help being hit once or twice in the ribs I could feel my lungs close under my ribs and my my heart palpitating thought my body. I returned fire, tripping one of the rough, looking men and bring my fist down with him. It was as if my fist hit the stone floor as I dropped to one knee with my punch knocking him out. And the dwarf seems to be doing as well as me, although he was using a table. The last man tried to grapple me when I was on one knee. Year of self defense training came flowing out of me as I flipped him over my back locking his neck between my bicep and forearm before he had a chance to get his
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