Personal Essay : A Shoulder To Lean On

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A Shoulder to Lean On
Before there was technology, people had need of people; it was imperative. There once was a man who was deprived of his own basic needs. Although he was having a dire time himself, it didn’t stop him from aiding others. He neglected his own problems just to relieve others of theirs. One day, he met a woman, who was one step away from breaking down, her past was eating away at her. She turned a blind eye on what mattered the most, her happiness. Being the person he was, the man wasn’t going to let her erode away. When he approached her with his warm heart, she averted herself away from him. No matter how many times he was given the cold shoulder, he persevered. Like a stubborn mule, he didn’t give up. Soon, she started
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Studies have shown that people with strong relations with family, friends, and others are generally happier and their lives are extended by a few years. The human compulsion for company is inevitable. Like how a fish needs its gills, humans need humans. Relationships relieve stress. Being committed to your bond with someone is linked to the slowed production of cortisol, a stress hormone. It's natural for people to want to be needed. Many people strive to feel they are doing something commendable for someone. Having a strong relationship fulfills this. Psychologically, it can induce someone to feel like they have a purpose. Having a special bond with someone “can make wonders in the lives of each of us” (Vennapoosa).

Some of my earliest memories are of my home, being filled with family, friends, and other people. I grew up being taught the value of people, of our connection towards them. I watched my parents nurture and serve love. These actions can make people feel gratifying, almost as if their heart is dancing with joy. Some of the eminently important parts of my life were built on the legacy of relationships. Although these days we all have packed schedules, our motivation is often what a person close to us hope for, even if we don't realize it. Closely associating yourself with someone is all about moving forward together; this requires a great deal of trust. I have learned
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