Personal Essay: Care For Others

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Care for others. The way this will help you achieve happiness is that when you help others it gives you a warm feeling inside. It makes you feel as if you have done something right. This feeling is almost unexplainable. Helping others is one of the best things you can do. For example, when you complement someone the best feeling is when you see the look on that persons face and see how happy you made them. Also, if you do not care for others you will live a lonely life. Without care for others no one will want to be around you. So, if you care for others you will have a joyous life.
Listen to others. When listening to others, people learn how others feel. People will tell you about their life, the good and bad times. It will help you grow as a person and learn how to be
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This will help you achieve happiness because if you do what you want you will never be let down. You will feel like you have a purpose and that you were meant for something, as if it was calling you. If you love what you do the there is no possible way to be sad or upset. Your life will be filled with joy and love because every day you get to wake up and do something that truly makes you happy.
Stay in a joyous mood. If you are always in a good mood and spreading joy, there is no way to be negative. You will always be looking on the bright side seeing how fortunate you are. This will keep a smile on your face showing that you are truly happy. Also, help others around you to be in a good mood. This will help you connect with others.
Learn to forgive quickly. This will make it where you are unable to hold a grudge. If you stay mad at a person you might regret it because you never know the last day you will see them. You are also just wasting valuable joyous time that you could be having with this person in your life. Try to always be on good terms with people. Never go to bed angry and think on the positive side of life. This will make your relationships
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