Personal Essay: Do We Really Have College?

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Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Abraham Lincoln—all of these people didn’t attend college. I selected such talented and hardworking as my inspirations from which one can deduce my skepticism towards higher education. Do I really need college? Look how well the aforementioned people turned out without a degree. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences the same luck, and therefore, a plan B is essential. In order to raise my chances of attaining a successful future, I set certain goals and expectations of myself, which need a medium. College is that medium. The decision to continue my education after high school heavily lied with the fact that I wanted to continue learning. After high school, I took the year off to see how I can survive without college. Simply put, it didn’t work out. I’m no Bill Gates or some prodigy. Of course, technology offers chances to study online without the need to pay a subsequent fee, however students like me prefer a face-to-face traditional classroom setting…show more content…
The beginning is a transitional period. Personally, I want to change my procrastination habits and push myself harder for every project or task given to me. Business management may not be the most challenging major, as people say, but it doesn’t mean it’s the easiest either. I would like to maintain my GPA as high as I possibly can. In a setting like college, I want to expand my network of friends and make connections that will benefit me in the future. Different clubs and organizations aid in that goal. Since I was a child, failure has been my biggest fear. Hence, my first year goal is to not get expelled and do my best. My parents are spending a large amount of money on me, and I’d rather not disappoint them. My expectation is to be the best I can be. Many others have been through this situation before. Starting the first year in a completely new setting appears a daunting task, nevertheless, not
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